3 Logo Examples: Conception to Completion

by | Apr 16, 2019 | logos

Last month on my blog, I tackled a big graphic design conundrum: When is it time for a new logo? I posed a series of questions and considerations to help you determine if you need to create a new look for your business or brand.

logo design isn't a simple process

This month, I want to share three logos I’ve worked on recently. Logo design isn’t a simple process. Sometimes clients have a vision and sometimes they aren’t 100% sure what they want. But one thing is certain in every logo situation: the client has to love the end result. They’ll likely be living with this logo for many years, so it’s important we land on a design, font and colors they feel communicate their brand’s mission.

basic graphic design process loop

1. DM Armstrong, CPA

An accountant, this client didn’t want a cliche logo – no calculators or dollar signs. She also wanted to avoid explicitly using her initials as her logo. I embraced this challenge, and we ultimately landed on an abstract icon. It has elements of structure and movement, and, if you look closely, you’ll see checkboxes, a grid and a even a small hidden “d.”

2. The Hub

This logo is for the children’s program at a large church. It’s the place all the children visit for weekly church and education meetings. Illustration is my heart, and I’m thrilled when I can use my illustration skills for a logo project. For The Hub, transportation and home were both important parts of the theme. I also wanted to make it fun and youthful.

3. Homegrown Financial LLC

This client was launching a new company specializing in reverse mortgages so we wanted to communicate the concept of “home” but in a visually interesting way. In this logo, the house signifies “growth” with the upward motion of the roof (arrow). We wanted to use green to represent growth and money but opted for shades of green to make the logo pop.

As you can see in these three examples, every logo project is completely unique. Each client and business comes to me with different ideas about what they want — and don’t want — in a logo. My job is to distill those ideas into one simple design. It’s not always easy, but I love the challenge.

Have you been considering a new logo? I’d love to help! Shoot me an email.

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