3 Reasons to Update Your Logo Before 2021

by | Sep 23, 2020 | design, logos

So many businesses have faced incredible challenges this year. From event planners and fitness centers to restaurants and travel agents, it’s been a bumpy ride. On the flip side, other businesses have been able to use their downtime to focus on those often neglected marketing tasks. I’ve had several clients redo their logo this year.

If you’ve got time on the calendar and breathing room in your budget, use it to invest in your business. And your logo is an excellent place to start. Here are three reasons you might want to update your logo: 

1. Do you still like your logo?

You may find the logo you once loved feels a little tired. You’re not excited about it anymore and it shows. If you don’t love the logo, it’s hard to ask your team or customers to love it too. 

2. Is your logo dated?

Maybe the style (font, colors, shapes) were on point in 2003, but now it looks old-fashioned. You might consider something more current (not necessarily trendy but more in line with the times). 

3. Is your logo practical?

A logo with a lot of small details or several colors is tough to print on a hat, shirt, or coffee mug. It may also be tough to use as a social media icon. A good logo should have versions (and file formats) that look good on the web and in print.

A Few Examples

Now, let’s look at three examples from businesses who decided 2020 was the perfect time to give their logo an upgrade.


ShoreSource Business Solutions

ShoreSource Business Solutions provides accounting services as well as bookkeeping, payroll, and Quickbooks training. They liked their old logo but wanted a more professional and clean look to use as they expand their business.


Fisher Creative

Fisher Creative takes the burden of copywriting off business owners by crafting marketing copy that cuts through the noise so they reach more customers and grow their business. While their original logo was cute, it didn’t translate well onto social media platforms. It also visually depicted “writing,” which was too narrow of scope for their broad array of offerings.

DIY Computer Repairs

DIY Computer Repairs is an upcoming website that teaches non-tech people how to make their computers run smoother and faster. In this instance, the client wanted an iconic character included in their logo. I’m really happy with how this guy turned out.

We’re all believing 2021 will be better than 2020. Business will pick up and you want to be ready. Get your marketing ducks in a row so when we roll into 2021 your brand will be ready and looking its best. 

If your logo is falling short, let’s talk about whether it makes sense to create a brand new logo or simply refresh the one you have.