A Trusty 10-foot Banner

by | May 2, 2024 | design, marketing

In the realm of design, trust between the artist and the client can work wonders. Take, for instance, a recent collaboration between myself and one of my favorite clients. Together, we embarked on the creation of a 10-foot backlit tradeshow booth, aiming for high impact and allure.

The process was pretty straightforward, they presented the overall project goals and the relevant brand assets. Then I designed 3-4 options for them to choose from. I like to do a couple that are literally what the client asks for and then add 1 or 2 concepts with my own flavor.

In my concepts, I pushed lots of photography to emphasize the humanity behind the brand. They advocated for crisp product illustrations to make them stand out in their industry. In this case, we ended up going with the client’s vision and I was able to improve and humanize it along the way. It turned out great! Win-win. 

There’s nothing like trust to build a strong and mutually beneficial working relationship.

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