Fullsteam Update: Monthly Content Bundles are a Hit

by | Sep 20, 2022 | fullsteam

It’s always exciting – and a little scary – to launch a new business concept out into the world. But when it works, it’s so rewarding! I’m happy to report my latest business venture, Fullsteam, is picking up – wait for it – steam! 

ICYMI, earlier this year, I partnered with long-time collaborator Holly Fisher to launch Fullsteam, a monthly bundle of customized content and graphics for businesses. Holly is a marketing copywriter and StoryBrand Certified Guide so she handles all the words. I take care of the visuals. 

Our first client has been a blast! We’re working with Sakura Winery in Livermore, California. It’s a small, family winery that’s just getting started. We’ve been able to help shape the overall design and marketing focus for the business. Sakura is all about providing great-tasting wines that encourage people to sip and savor each moment. 

Each month, we deliver a blog post, email marketing, and social media content. 

Instagram grid for Sakura Winery

A couple of months ago, we signed up our second client, Sage Services Group headquartered in Charleston, South Carolina. Sage provides healthcare technology managers with patient monitoring device repairs and accessories at reasonable prices. 

Sage recently launched a new website and wanted to kickstart its marketing with blog posts, regular emails and LinkedIn posts. 

These two clients are vastly different not only in their work but in their style, tone and aesthetics. And that’s what makes this work both challenging and fun. 

All the good stuff

I have to say it’s been a while since I’ve worked on a true team. Usually, it’s just me working solo in my office with my dog as my lone co-worker. Collaborating with Holly inspires me to work harder and be a good partner myself. Plus, we bring different ideas and strengths to the table, which makes us a great team. 

Another bonus is working closely with the clients, and brainstorming content and graphic ideas. Personally, I really enjoy these monthly strategy sessions. Oftentimes, clients are so close to their business that they don’t realize how interesting the little things in their business can be. We can help them unearth the gold in their business. While flipping through my notebook I found the following quote which I had jotted down right after a session, “I feel so alive on these brainstorming calls.” That’s good news for my clients too because I do my best work when I’m inspired. 

Where I’m growing 

As with any facet of our business, we should be evaluating, learning, and making adjustments as needed. For example, I’ve realized the model we initially offered isn’t for everyone. We envisioned this service as ideal for DIY business owners who want to post their own content but need help with content creation. Some love that model while other businesses want to be more hands-off. 

Icons from blog posts and emails for Sakura Winery

As we work with more Fullsteam clients, we’ll discover more about what the market demands and determine how (or if) we need to shift the business model. 

I’m also learning more about myself and how I work. Most of my work tends to be project based. And, I’ll be honest here, I don’t always have the most efficient process in place. Fullsteam is challenging me to work on my organizational skills. Toot toot!

Overall, Fullsteam is puffing along! Holly and I are having a great time creating customized content. And the clients are happy. What more could you want? 

Here are a few more samples of the work we’ve done (of course, I love it when I can include anything illustrated!). 

Do you need help creating content each month? Do you know a business struggling to stay on top of its content marketing? We can help! Send them to https://fullsteamcontent.com/ or schedule a discovery call. Hurry! We’re only taking two more clients this year. 

Have a great week,