Introducing Fullsteam

by | Feb 9, 2022 | fullsteam, good business

Holly Fisher, Storybrand Guide

This month, I’m very proud to announce a new service I’m offering. I’ve collaborated with a long-time partner in marketing, Holly Fisher. You may not know Holly, but she has been ghostwriting my blog and newsletters for several years. In addition to copywriting, she is a certified Storybrand Guide and PR consultant. We work well together and have really nailed down our monthly process to be seamless and quick. The results have been great for my business and now we’d like to offer our services to you in a brand new offering we call Fullsteam.

So What is Fullsteam? 

Fullsteam is a monthly bundle of customized content and graphics created specifically for your business and with your target clients in mind. In other words, every month we’ll put together a smorgasbord of top-shelf, completely-personalized marketing content that you can use to connect with new clients and stay current with the old ones.

We know it’s exhausting to run a business and stay on top of the never-ending need for marketing content. We see it all the time! Businesses are doing great things but don’t have the time or personnel to convey those stories to their customers. Or worse, they do the 1 Don’t! We believe solopreneurs and small business owners should have access to customized content that helps you share your story and build connections. Fullsteam does exactly that.

For our Fullsteam project, Holly will handle all the words, and I’ll create the accompanying graphics. The best part is everything is created specifically for your business and with your current and future customers in mind – no cookie-cutter content here! 

Your Fullsteam bundle includes 11 pieces of essential content delivered to you each month:

  • One blog post plus a graphic.
  • Four social media posts related to the blog post plus four graphics. 
  • Four additional social media posts with graphics.
  • One email to promote the blog post. 
  • One additional nurture email plus a corresponding graphic. 
  • Monthly 1-hour strategy call.

In the first month, we’ll clarify your brand message and refine your overall visual brand – a critical step for our work to be successful. You’ll work directly with Holly, a StoryBrand Certified Guide, to get crystal clear on your marketing message while I review your visual brand and build out reusable templates. 

Getting Up to Speed 

Then, with the groundwork laid, we can easily create monthly content that reflects your brand message and is much more effective in reaching new clients and customers while keeping you connected to existing customers. And we all know how important it is to stay in touch with current customers so we can sell them additional products or services. 

We’ll meet with you monthly to plan your content and brainstorm ideas and strategies for the upcoming month. We even have a simple worksheet where you can make notes, share links, or record great ideas for future content. 

Once we settle on the topics for the month, Holly and I will get to work. In just a few days, you’ll receive a draft of the content and graphics. You’ll have a couple of days to review and offer feedback. We will make final edits and deliver your content via Google Docs and Canva. This way it’s super easy for you to publish your content and graphics to your blog, email, and social media networks. 

By giving you written content and custom graphics, you’ll dramatically improve your content marketing, reach more potential customers and grow your business. Yes, it’s an investment, but we are confident you’ll reap the benefits. 

Move Your Marketing Forward 

If you’re struggling to create fresh, professional content week after week, Fullsteam is perfect for you! Visit to learn more and schedule a discovery call so we can answer your questions and get started right away on creating marketing content you’re proud of. 

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