Work I’m Proud Of: Logos, T-shirts & More

by | May 25, 2022 | design, fullsteam, illustration, logos, maps, print

Looking through my files the other day, I realized that I’ve recently worked on some really cool projects with some really cool clients. Each business was different. Each job was unique. Each client had their own tastes and preferences. And that’s what makes my job so much fun.

Admittedly, I haven’t been great about sharing all that finished work. So this month, I’m highlighting some of my favs. Enjoy.

Cindy Davis, CPA

Logo identity and business card designs

My very own accountant (and likely the best accountant in the Lowcountry) needed a new logo and I was happy to help! Her business is a wonderful team of four women so they wanted a logo identity that was professional, elegant, and just a teeny bit feminine. This old-school banker’s desk lamp was just the right fit.

Fullsteam Content Marketing

Logo identity, banner ads and website design

This year, I co-launched a new side venture called Fullsteam Content Marketing. It’s a monthly content and graphics bundle for small businesses who need help with their blog, emails, and social media. The underlying idea is that we’re taking your marketing plan full steam ahead! Toot toot.

Hearts for the Congo

Logo identity and t-shirt design

I designed this logo and t-shirt for the nonprofit Hearts for the Congo. The basic idea for HFTC is a quarterly t-shirt subscription. Subscribers pay $25 a month to send food to displaced and starving people in war-torn Bunia, Democratic Republic of Congo. Every three months, subscribers receive a new t-shirt in the mail. 100% of the profits (minus production costs) go to the cause.

The most recent design (depicted above) highlights one of the staples of the Congonese diet: cassava. Cassava is kind of like a potato often eaten with rice. The t-shirt is designed to be high-quality, visually appealing, and a discussion starter.

Marsh Tide Veterinary Hospital

Logo identity

I did this logo for a new veterinarian office opening up in Mount Pleasant, S.C. They wanted a southern marshy feel and calming colors. I’m super proud of how this one turned out.

Speak Up Podcast

Podcast artwork

I created this podcast cover artwork and episode template for the phenomenal Laura Camacho. She helps companies create a healthy culture and a better bottom line. She’s also a fantastic communications coach. Give her show a listen! She knows her stuff.

Center for Rural Innovation

T-shirt design

Here’s a t-shirt I designed for a nonprofit, think tank organization Center for Rural Innovation in Vermont. The design was for a conference, and they wanted to emphasize the diversity found in rural America. And they wanted it in 3 colors. Challenge accepted.

Mount Pleasant Restaurant Map

Illustrated Map

I created this map for the Town of Mount Pleasant in South Carolina. It depicts all the restaurant “areas” of the town and is distributed to hotels to help visitors get the lay of the land. Creating this was a blast.

So you see what a great job I have, right? Glad you stopped by and I hope this post gives you some inspiration for your own business. Have you been thinking about a new design or illustration project? Give me a holler and let’s brainstorm on what would work best for your business.

Have a great week,