Motion Videos

Boiling a complex idea or process down into something simple is a true art.


Mequilibrium had a great product—an app to track employee resilience—but had a difficult time explaining what it did. Creating this video solved that for them by utilizing messaging and graphics that are easy-to-understand and engaging to clearly articulate the challenge businesses face and how Mequilibrium solves for it.


This video does what any other piece of collateral couldn’t: explains how Skillsoft can help companies with professional development in under 2 and a half minutes. The key to doing this is a clever voiceover combined with action-packed graphics and sound effects that make it impossible to look away from the video.


How do you explain to busy lab researchers their lives are about to get a lot easier? It’s not with an email or paper. It’s this video—a combination of bright colors, fun designs, bouncing music and a crisp voiceover that acknowledge how much employees at ORNL have to do and how the RESolution app streamlines their processes.

Facilities Management eXpress

Time is a rare commodity for facilities management professionals who have to juggle a myriad of different responsibilities. This client needed a way to explain a helpful solution without bogging down the messaging. This video with its fast-paced illustrations, succinct voiceover and engaging sound effects does just that.